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Following the class descriptions, you will find this season's dance schedule as well as our tuition & fees document.  

Class is an introduction to movement.  Building self-esteem through creative dance, ballet, tap and pre-jazz.  The very young student will not become a proficient dancer or learn extensive choreography.  The objective is to teach basic musicality and movement skills and to improve gross motor skills.


Classes consist of barre and center floor combinations.  Ballet focuses on correct alignment and posture and develops strength, balance and flexibility. 



Using ballet, jazz and modern techniques, lyrical allows dancers to place emphasis on the emotional content of music.  Using choreography styles to communicate the emotion and intent of the piece to their audience, dancers explore the musicality of dance and physical movement.


This class utilizes creative movement, imagery and spatial awareness.  Usually for the more experienced dancer because of its serious nature.  Choreography portrays current world issues and other complex subjects.​


Jazz teaches proper stretching, technique, turns, leaps, isolations, and footwork.  The class covers progressions and choreography. 

As students progress we begin focusing on presentation.


Jazz​ Fusion

Jazz Fusion has more options for themes, choreography, and styles. It is typically a mix of contemporary and jazz.  The choreography tends to be athletic, intense, and powerful. 


Classes begin with warm-up exercises.  Rhythm is essential in tap.  We will focus on sounds and improving coordination.  A combination is taught at the end of each class.  Tap is fun for any age.

Hip Pop

A fast paced class that encourages students to express themselves through popular dance music combined with energy, pop-and-lock techniques, and street funk.  This class allows the students to practice moves they see in music videos.

Beginning Tumbling
Tumbling involves a series of skills that will help the dancer become more grounded.  Students will learn cartwheels, backbends, kicks, leaps, and most importantly – SPLITS!  Beginning tumbling will focus on the development of coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility. (No performance routine)
Intermediate Tumbling

Students should achieve the physical ability to execute acrobatic movements.  We will work on jumps, leaps, acrobatic elements, balance & power elements, and combination routine elements.  Other skills will include roundoffs, front and back walkovers, and partnering.  (No performance routine)

TUITION & FEES (coming soon)
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